Ken D'Alessandro presenting a proclamation to HRH Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz

in commeration of a collaborative project between a United States college and a training program in Riyadh. Given by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.


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Working hand-in-hand to ensure your vision is fulfilled and your exceptions exceeded!

Formed in 1975 and more than 65,000 members strong, the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) is the nation’s only organization that represents and serves the professional interests of all EMS practitioners, including paramedics, emergency medical technicians, emergency medical responders, and other professionals providing prehospital and out-of-hospital emergent, urgent or preventive medical care.

NAEMT members work in all sectors of EMS, including government service agencies, fire departments, hospital-based ambulance services, private companies, industrial and special operations settings, and in the military.

NAEMT serves its members by advocating on issues that impact their ability to provide quality patient care, providing high quality education that improves the knowledge and skills of practitioners, and supporting EMS research and innovation.

The Emergency Care & Safety Institute(ECSI) goals are simple.  They provide the absolute best in training materials available at the lowest prices possible to help you teach others to save lives.  They strive to eliminate administrative burdens, allowing you to focus on more worthwhile aspects of your training.

The Emergency Care & Safety Institute (ECSI) provides First Aid, CPR, AED and other emergency care training courses that lead to certification that meet job-related requirements as defined by hundreds of regulatory authorities throughout the world. Their courses are delivered throughout a range of industries and markets including:

Business and industry, Child and Day Care centers, Colleges and Universities, Government Agencies, Hospitals, Private Training Companies, and Public Safety Agencies just to name a few.

The Public Safety Group has become the world’s most innovative and trusted source for educational materials and solutions for EMS and fire students, educators, and professionals by combining the collective value of our people, products, and partners. From initial training to recertification to retirement, we strive to be a lifelong learning partner to those who serve our communities tirelessly and ensure our safety and well-being.

Across the globe, thousands and thousands of EMS agencies, fire departments, hospitals, schools and universities, and corporations rely on us to help them deliver world-class training. We do this by providing educators with trusted educational content and powerful course management tools that allow them to be more efficient and effective. We also do this by understanding the broad needs of today’s learners and providing them with personalized learning solutions that help them succeed in their courses and in their careers.

The Public Safety Group is a division of Jones & Bartlett Learning, an Ascend Learning Company.

About Our Partners

Key to our success is the fact that we search tirelessly to identify the most innovative and prestigious public safety organizations in the world, and then we partner with them to deliver high quality learning resources and solutions to the individuals that matter to them. Working with the best organizations and best thought leaders makes delivering the best products a whole lot easier.

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